Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Oooo, Boekenoogen Wines! Tasty Treat!

Ahhh, what we've stumbled upon is yet another something that is such a tasty treat.. it'll make you wanna slap yo' mama.

Mama Ruth watch out, it's so good it'll make you wanna slap yo' mama!

A quick bit of history on me before we jump in- I'm a sucker for fabulous things and family companies. I'm lucky enough to work for one of my best friend's family company, so when I stumbled upon this amazing wine, tasted it, then realized the charming girl (Holly Boekenoogen) who was serving the wine was working for the family.. I was sold.

I present to you all.. Boekenoogen Wines.

Boekenoogen is nestled in the San Lucia Highlands which is approximately an hour south of Carmel. This region is known for its Chardonnay as well as its Pino Noir. Now, why haven't you heard about this amazing vineyard yet? A vineyard that has scored a 96 and Editors Choice on its '07 Chardonnary and a Pino Noir that's bound to get an amazing review soon... That's because this family (in its fifth generation on the land) just started its wine endeavor in 1998.

It's still a small production, but totally worth snagging a few bottles. I'm obsessed with their Pino Noir, my favorite part is the finish- described as the following, "Fine tannins that will gracefully age the wine while youthful flavors and aromas develop subtle complexity and refinement, long and very memorable." If you're a west coaster check out all the spots that you can grab a bottle.  For all the rest of us, I suggest joining the the Boekenoogen Club VI. Boekenoogen will ship to your home three times a year (February, May and November) two bottles of your choice for $65-$75.You can choose all reds, whites or a mix. Find a friend and make it happen, you won't regret gettin' your Boekenoogen wine!

Enjoying our wine- obviously.

So thank you Boekenoogens!

The Boekenoogen Family. Garrett, Susan, Holly, Kate and Joh

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Trick of the day- Amazing Jewelry!



I just HAD to share this with you. There is this great website that I have stumbled upon. Tah dah- it's JewelMint. It turns out that Kate Bosworth and her stylist Cher Coulter have started designing amazing jewelry at a super affordable price. Every piece is $29.99. Oh, did I also mention that Cher Coulter was just  honored with the title of stylist of the year?

So how does it work? They figure out your style with a set of scenarios where you pick which celebrity outfit you like the most, or the nail color you go to most often, or brands that you would buy if you had unlimited funds. Then they present you with your "showroom" and you can decide if you would like to buy any of those pieces.

Couldn't get any better? The 29.99 includes free shipping!


                                     GOLD CUFF                                                 REGAL CLUSTER EARRINGS
And, one last late Christmas present, today if you click on this link you can pay $25.00 and get $60.00 worth of credit at JewelMint. That's two gorgeous pieces of jewelry for the price of one.

Ahhhh, I love the holiday season.


Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Merry Merry Cards!

Merry Merry Merry Christmas Everyone!!

It's that day and you're with all your family and thank goodness Santa has already come to visit you.. what next? Driving to see more family? More conversations with crazy family members? Well, I know the routine just as well as the next person. So what is my trick for making Christmas Day that much better?

Cards (and cocktails of course)

It's classic, and it helps pass the time better than anything i've encountered. In fact, we play cards all the time. If you have to trek over to your great Aunt's house.. pack some cards so you can play gin or spades.. and if you are lucky enough to be fam jamming at home, put on your PJ's, grab your siblings and get the competitive juices flowing. Also, it's easy enough to play while you are drinking your bloody mary and watching the football games. It's really the game that keep on giving for all occasions.

I hope you all grow to love cards as much as we do.. and that you'll play them for many years to come. We play Gin Rummy (best with 3 people) and Spades (best with 4 people) mostly, but one of my Christmas Day presents is a Bridge lesson from the parents, so watch out ladies, we're bringing Bridge back.

Again, Merry Merry Merry to all of yours and I know that you'll all have a fabulous day!


Also, here are some links on how to play Spades and Gin Rummy... and if you want a set of engraved initial Bridge cards, here's the place to get them, a special thanks to Collins Speed for getting us hooked to these delightful pieces!

Also- Also, Happy Birthday Tina Tina Bo Bina!

Friday, December 24, 2010

Merry Christmas from the Family

Happy Christmas Eve Everyone!

The Nabors/Rosen Family is having a blast in California, and I hope you all are having  a wonderful holiday! Please enjoy this amazing video card from friends of ours in Greensboro, NC.

Merry Merry Merry Friends! And a special Happy Birthday wish to "Catfish" Dula!

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Top 5 Holiday must haves for this girl!

It's almost that time.. Christmas and the holidays are here and I would like to share a few of my favorite things with you.

So what's topping my list this year? Well, as any family holiday around my house- let's start off with something bubbly. 

1. Champagne Saucer Glasses

Yes, these squatty flutes caught my eye in an episode of HBO's Boardwalk Empire and I'm obsessed. has a great selection as seen in the picture above.

2. Cracker Caddy

Keep it simple. Don't worry about the crackers scattering everywhere! Put them in this Cracker Caddy and your cheese plate will look wonderful no matter how many (or how few) crackers are left!

3. Not sure to do with everything leftover?

My new inspiration for sandwiches, welcome to Great look- great taste and a way to get you out of your usual leftovers.

4.  Bring in the New Year with Style
You can find them everywhere now so start the New Year off right, wear that old black dress but bring it to life with a Fascinator! I know I am! Old school camera optional.. but let's be honest.. i'll be donning that as well!

5. Just in case

As always, something will go wrong, so don't worry. These little guys can help you out at a moments notice without having to do any extra dishes.  The Francis Ford Coppola winery really won me over when they put delicious sparkling in a can and gave you a bendable straw to go with it. Heaven on earth friends! And it's so discreet.. some people may just think you're having a soda. Or as they say, "you can take it anywhere- anytime you feel like sparkling." 

OoOOooo.. now that we've kicked off the holiday, I'm off to California with the family for the holidays!

Love love love!

Friday, December 17, 2010

I'm back!!

Hey Friends,

We're back in action. Hope everyone is looking forward to a fabulous weekend. I want everyone to be on the look out for my guest post on on the 21st!

A Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from us! Looking forward to a great holiday and some great posts from our travels!

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Ruth's To Die For Cheese Biscuits- So Good It'll Make You Wanna Slap Yo' Mama!

Your welcome. Why you ask? Because this EXTREMELY simple recipe is about to make your kitchen a destination around the block, no matter where you live. This simple recipe, from our one and only Ruth, is a MUST to have in your repertoire. These are the tastiest, easiest little cheese biscuits you've ever tried! 

Ruth's To Die For Cheese Biscuits

2 cups self rising flour
2 sticks butter (melted)
1 cup sour cream
1/2- 1 cup sharp cheddar cheese
pinch of salt 

Making them:
Preheat your oven to 400 degrees
Combine all ingredients in a bowl
In a greased or sprayed MINI muffin pan place a dallop in each  hole
Put in the oven for 12-14 minutes

TAH DAH!! These little treats are like fluffy cheese straws/ biscuits. Feel free to add things to them as well, if you like a little bite, why not throw in some jalepenos.

Make the dough ahead if you have guests coming in for the weekend, put it in a ziploc bag and throw it in the fridge and just pull it out in the mornings when you are ready to make them!

Such a great trick to make such a tasty treat! Thanks mom!